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Hello, there.

I am a Content Writer and a Social Media Manager. I am passionate and curious about different writing styles and the art of story telling. Hence, the reason behind this blog.

I mostly write about science, particularly life science. In here though, I write about books, movies or TV series. Professionally, I am responsible for creating SEO-optimized contents, push notifications and social media optimization.

I am also superbly curious, and splendidly bad, at designing which is the reason behind the frequently changing appearance. Google, help me!

What You’ll See:

– Rants in the name of book discussion
– Random articles of me geeking out
– Bad book collections in general

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Content Writer | Social Media Manager

My writing style generally borders on insanity and occasionally touches professionalism. You can find me in the shops struggling not to purchase all the unnecessarily cute things. And in the bookshops, excitedly buying books I am not going to touch for another six months.

Here is the collection of Book Rants.

Here are my Writings about other things.

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